April 28

Genius Hour Update

So far my genius hour project about lock picking is going very well. I have figured out how to pick a padlock with nothing but two paperclips. It can be very confusing at times mostly the thing you don’t want to do is have the paperclip to break and leave part of it in the lock and jam it and not have the lock move or work anymore. Now i’m going to try to pick a bike lock and see how hard it is with paperclips. To pick this one I will need a bike lock that needs a key to unlock. Hopefully I can get it done in a few days so I can move on to the next lock. The next lock after that might be a lock from the Master lock company, but I have heard that those locks are some of the hardest one to pick. It might be very hard to pick those locks, For that one I may have to buy a lock picking set to get that one open. The highest lock for me to pick is the lock on  a doorknob. I will be keep updates coming in on how much progress I have with each lock.

April 15

My college visit

For the college visit at my school I went to Buena Vista University in Storm Lake, Iowa. The thing that impressed me the most was the whole school because I have never heard of it and that was my first time in Storm Lake and the school looks really nice. I was surprised about how big the school was because  I thought it was going to  be a small school. I would like to go to that school because there was a lot of stuff there that interested me but I don know how much it would cost a year. On the tour we walked through the whole campus and saw almost everything and the lunch area was really nice there too. To get into the college you need a completed application for admission, and official high school transcript if applicant is a current high school student or has fewer than 24 college credits.bvu

April 1

Genius Hour Lockpicking

For my genius hour project I am going to try to pick a variety of locks to pick with paperclips. For this project I will be working alone because I can’t have any distractions for when I’m picking the locks. I’m going to be researching about the hardest locks to pick and where to find them and also find a way to shape the paperclips to make them fit in the keyhole and help turn the lock and find new ways to easily open them. I’m still trying to figure out when I will be able to find time to work on this since I have a job. I also need to find out how much these locks are going to cost because if they’re really expensive I probably wont get them because they cost too much. This project seems like it will be pretty fun and help me learn about locks and how they work.

December 8

My Blog So Far

So far on my blog I have 9 posts. Three of them were school related. I have collected 6 comments so far. My favorite post I wrote was the Honey Badger post because I got to talk about my favorite animal. I didn’t change the themes at all because I didn’t feel like it. I don’t have any widgets. I have about 4 overseas students who read my blog. I mostly use pictures for my creativity on my blogs.

November 17


This is the Honey Badger and this basically my favorite animal because of a YouTube video about it. The name of the Honey Badger means ” Honey eater of the cape”. Most Badgers are lazy about housekeeping. Using their long claws they can dig anywhere. Badgers are mostly skunk like because of the stripe on their backs. They are know as the most fearless creature known to the world. All Honey Badgers will eat almost anything including snakes, mice and any other small animal. Their skin is really thick and there is reports about arrows and spears glancing off their skin.

Their teeth have enough strength to break the shell of a tortoise. They are also really smart about finding food and combat. The Honey Badger can reach 2.4 feet in length and their tail is 12 inches long. They are really muscular and have very strong legs. They move in a jog trot manner, like a horse. Honey Badgers have few predators such as lions, leopards, and humans. Females don’t go into labor for 6 to 8 weeks and the kits stay with their mother for 16 months. They can last 8 years in the wild and 24 years in captivity. They are active during day and night. Honey Badgers are omnivores that means they eat meat and plants. They can mate throughout a whole year but they choose September, and October. They can be found almost anywhere in the world including North America, and Asia. The Honey Badger is a very territorial and solitary animal. Badgers can spray a fluid out of their anal cavity to chase away predators, I relate these things to skunks and I call them fart rodents. Mostly their colors are white, black, and brown. In Iowa where I live you can find badgers in mostly fields and woods, there is even a town named after them. The Honey is my most favorite animal because of it’s attitude to other animals.

5695813527_9fcd0919cb_z (1)

November 11

Blogs I’ve Read.

Chad is 10 years old and likes sports.

Charlie is 11 and likes video games and building computers.

Daniel is 12 and likes football and soccer.

Jaddas is 12 and likes video games and art.

Reese is 12 and likes skateboarding.

Drew is 11 and likes drawing and tennis.

Andrea is 12 and likes tennis and swimming.

August is 12 and likes drawing and listening to music.

Kaylee is 13 and likes reading and writing.

Austin is 13 and likes youtube and netflix.

November 2

Hot dogs, The disgrace of America!

Hot dogs are a popular food in America honestly I hate them. They are this pinkish brownish cylinder of meat. The meat that is in them is spare parts from animals such as the noses, ears, and hooves. They are very gross and putrid and disgusting and also chewy. I don’t know why people like them all the parts are basically tied together and it is just gross. People say they are the food of America but I don’t think so. Hot dogs should be made of something that isn’t spare parts of a pig. Obama really needs to get that fixed really quick.  I would rather eat hamburgers than hot dogs because they are so gross. I would eat an uncooked rat than hot dogs because they are that disgusting.2632651360_d4aa4ee70f_z

October 30

How I celebrate Halloween.

Every Halloween my mom hands out candy and I usually walk around with my friends. This year I am going to scare people by my house by hiding in my tree or by jumping out from underneath my house. It might work or I will probably get punched in the face by someone.

October 26

My Favorite Anime.

This is a picture from my favorite anime Attack On Titan. Attack on Titan is about how humanity’s population is low because of large humanoid beings called titans. Titans eat people to feed and evolve there are many different types of titans like the colossal titan, and the armored titan. Eren Jager is the main character who is the military police who hunt down and kill the titans. Eren can turn into a titan and back to a human. The only way to kill a titan is to cut the back of their neck so they don’t regenerate. The colossal titan can appear and vanish in the blink of a eye and destroy walls 50 meters tall. Eren has his friend Aramin, and his adopted sister Mikasa who also serve in the military police. If you watch this then you will have to read the subtitles because the show is in a different language.

Photo by Net Sama

Photo by Net Sama


October 16

Raise Your Voice!

The most important thing to do when raising your voice is stand up to bullies. Bullying is a very bad thing to do because making fun of people is not nice. Most people who are bullied don’t tell anyone because they are afraid the the bully is going to hurt them if they tell someone. In lots of cases of bullying people decide to either cut themselves, hurt themselves, or commit suicide because they can’t take the pain anymore. People have tried to make it stop but some people don’t help people if they are bullied and just sit there and watch it happen and not do anything about it. Usually some people cheer it on but then there are some people that actually help them when being bullied. This world does not need people killing themselves because some one is bullying them or cutting themselves or being depressed. Most bullies are people that think they have power over everyone else and most of the time there is gang bullying. Most bullying either happens at school or happens online. Cyber bullying is when people spread nasty rumors or pictures online to facebook etc.. and get harassed for them and also spreads around the entire internet. Usually school bullying is when people call you names or throw your stuff down on the floor for no reason and they do it so they think they’re cool and have power over you but they don’t. Sometimes if the bullying is really bad there would be a school shooting where a student would bring in a gun and start shooting people. If you’re being bullied stand up to the bully and they knock you down you get back up and if you can’t do that then go tell a teacher, parent or Guardian all you need to to is speak up.